Legend tells of a mysterious phenomenon, an elusive extension to the five senses, a 6th sense: Joy in its purest form. Concealed within a box, its origins unknown, its workings a mystery. For centuries people have tried to break open the box, though its lid remains bound, with a crank handle on its side that cannot be turned. Neither science nor brute force could unseal it. It now lies protected in a shrine created by the Joyseekers, the devout followers of this profound power. On every completed lunar cycle, the box calls out an enchanting jingle, the crank handle turns and unleashes its contents upon those who surround it. Pure joy. True believers make a pilgrimage to this site in search of its offering and to pay worship to its wonder. Though be warned, non-believers who attempt to benefit with sceptical souls will suffer a hellish curse, finding their senses compromised.

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