The Making of Pest Control

How I executed a 4-stage extermination process

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The Making of The Grotto

How I put everybody on the naughty list

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[1/3] I set up a 'TAKE JOY HOME' gift shop tent for guests leaving the shrine to browse some incensey trinkets, melts, burners, food and drink along with some special items to win 🎪🕯✨

⬇️ [2/3] Wine 🍷
⬇️ [3/3] Tales From The Joyseekers book 📖


Plenty of mist wiring was put up around the entry and exit to the shrine at JOY to give guests that extra ew why am I getting wet assault and it accidentally created a rather apt rainbow effect 🌈✨

After some nights of painting into the early hours, a selection of poetic and symbolic tapestries were created and hung around the queuing area at JOY 🎨🌙

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