Walibi Holland Review – September 2019

My thoughts on Untamed, Goliath, Lost Gravity and everything else Walibi Holland.

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Europa Park Review – July 2019

The land of pure theme park paradise where sheep are blue, dinosaurs eat cake and everything explodes with water.

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Phantasialand Review – June 2019

G-Force on a log flume and airtime on river rapids?

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I think my highlight of this season was hearing someone in the queue for thirteen explaining the ride to their friend and describing it as "it's like a tram". Spot on babes.

A shout out and thank you to @DraytonManor for the laughs and thrills this year. A park I'd never visited before but had the opportunity to make a few trips to this year. 10/10 nearly cried like a baby on stand up Apocalypse and Pandemonium so it's an A+ from me 👌

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