What is The Joy Sequence?

The Joy Sequence is the fusion of vivid storytelling, distinctive audiovisual design, and immersive experience, with a dash of dread thrown in for good measure.

The results are portals to other worlds, inviting you to leave the humdrum of mundane life behind and step into the pages of a new story, in a new galaxy, as a new person, with a new mission, as you navigate through carefully crafted walkthrough scenarios and escape-room environments.

Exploring themes of folklore, pseudoscience, the supernatural, and sinister organisations, The Joy Sequence attractions take you on a journey of curiosity, fright, and adventure, exposing your fears and daring you to embark on an expedition to the 5th dimension of sensory wonder and make-believe.

Interview with Adam

Who is Adam?

Graphic designer and video editor, Adam is the mind behind The Joy Sequence, a voracious enthusiast of the themed attractions industry and a lover roller coasters. Adam spent most of his childhood escaping into hobbies, like designing imaginary metro maps to nowhere, producing house beats that woke the dead, forcing his family to star in their own sitcom and horror film productions, and making his little sister the unknowing guest of his private scream park.

He later went on to turn graphic design and video production into his day job. Adam wanted to brew all of these passions and skills together into one super project, devising a laboratory of magic, creative scaring and themed escapism and well, The Joy Sequence was born.

"I've always been fascinated by the art of scaring someone so much that they buy a fridge magnet as a souvenir of the very thing that terrified them."
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