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Volunteers are invited into the Dreamlink Programme to partake in a cognitive linking technology

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A sixth sense, joy in its purest form.All you have to do is believe

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A 4-Stage extermination process

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His list holds your fate

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What is The Joy Sequence?

The Joy Sequence is the fusion of storytelling and immersive experience, with a dash of dread thrown in for good measure. Exploring themes of folklore, pseudoscience, the supernatural, and sinister organisations, the results are portals to other worlds that allow you to leave the humdrum of mundane life behind and step into the pages of a new story as you navigate through walkthrough scenarios and escape-room environments.

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Telling the story of The Joy Sequence

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Challenging players on their roller coaster knowledge

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Project development, theme park trips and more.

Walibi Holland Review

My thoughts on Untamed, Goliath, Lost Gravity and everything else Walibi Holland.

The Making of JOY

Europa Park Review – July 2019

The land of pure theme park paradise where sheep are blue, dinosaurs eat cake and everything explodes with water.

Phantasialand Review – June 2019

G-Force on a log flume and airtime on river rapids?

The Making of Pest Control

How I executed a 4-stage extermination process

The Making of The Grotto

How I put everybody on the naughty list

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